The Chelmsford Games Club

If you live or work in or near Chelmsford, Essex, England and play board games (of all sorts, modern European and American or other "gamer's games" in particular) then once we are able to do so we'd like to see you at

The Chelmsford Games Club

Currently suspended, previously every Tuesday

The Plough

Duke Street (next to the railway station)


Start at 7:00 p.m. (though we try to handle people arriving a bit later). Finish at Closing Time

If you are expecting to be after 7:00, best is to let us know in advance.


Sometimes we have done more than just play published games. And we have some recognition! From the credits of Ra the Dice Game:

Reiner Knizia would like to express his gratitude to Jonty Blackwell, Chris Dearlove and Lee Edwards for their significant contributions to the development of this game. Many thanks to all playtesters, in particular Kevin Jacklin, Paul Smith, Graeme Tate and the Chelmsford Games Club.

The next annual SoRCon (Son of RamsdenCon) games convention will be 25th to 27th February 2022 (2021 is cancelled) at the Holiday Inn, Basildon, Essex, UK. For details see the SoRCon website You can also sign up to the Facebook group SoRCon, for more information.

If you play other sorts of games (figure wargaming, collectable card games, whatever) then so do various other club members, including at other local clubs, which include:

For further information on the Chelmsford Games Club, or other local games information, contact

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